Thursday, 23 July 2009

Working Title - Blackhand Productions, 24/7 Festival Manchester

Working Title
Writer: James Jowett & Adam Davies
Director: Helen Parry
Reviewer: John Roberts

Sword Fights, Ninja’s with an assassination on the cards, psychotic Turkey Ham sandwich eating gays, underwear tea drinking flat mates, Stunt doubles, and a rabbit called Pancakes, could you fit any more surreal situations into a one hour performance? The answer is yes! Is it any good? HELL YEAH! this is the funniest show this reviewer has had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

James Jowett & Adam Davies have scripted their first play and what a knockout it is, this is writing that is sharper and funnier than a midget transsexual wielding a chainsaw. Jowett & Davies also take on the central characters (Will & Anthony) in this fast paced comical tour-de-force about two struggling writers failing to meet a festival deadline with their submission, With a natural on stage chemistry there is very little not to dislike in their performances.

Jowett & Davies are joined on stage with a true ensemble of comic creations some more brief than others but all equally surreal and hilariously funny. Notable performances are given by Michael Anthony Bond as Patrick and Sean Di Sora as Jason. Director Helen Parry must have had difficulty keeping this crazy cast under control, and even in its height of craziness, clear attention to detail meant that everything moved slickly and with perfect comic timing and at times some seriously strong tension.

I cannot recommend this production more, and if this is the talent that is coming out of Manchester then we are sure for a very bright and very funny if not slightly surreal future in years to come.
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