Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Naked Boys Singing 2009 - Arts Theatre, London

Naked Boys Singing
Director: Phil Willmott
Musical Director
:Elliot Davis
Choreography: Andrew Wright
Reviewer: Becky Middleton

Naked Boys Singing does exactly what it says on the tin. The eight lads even have a song to demonstrate the fact that they are naked boys, Singing. Despite stating the blatantly and slightly surprisingly obvious, Naked Boys Singing in a great fun, tongue-in-cheek camp-fest, that celebrates the flesh of all things male.

Cleverly masquerading as an audition process for the play's own play, the eight men each have their moment to shine with 'audition pieces' impressively belted out with a touch of humour.

David Lucas’ ‘Naked Maid’ number helped to cement the comical tone as he swept and sung his way around the stage accompanied by the playful piano accompaniment. This was enhanced by Duncan Leith’s ‘Perky Little Pornstar’ rendition that was both entertaining and fun.

It's good to know they are talented as in the vocal as well as aesthetic department. The spectacle cheekily begins with a musical number entitled ‘Gratuitous Nudity’, promising the audience they will get what they paid for, and they certainly do. The audience is introduced gradually to the nudity of the actors, as they begin fully clothed and do not strip off completely until some of the final scenes.
The result is a light-hearted juicy west end musical with an entertaining and original twist.

Naked Boys Singing runs at the Arts Theatre at 9:30pm until Sat 30th Aug
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