Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Remember Me - Sweet & Tender Hooligans, 24/7 Festival Manchester

Remember Me
Writer: Jason Crouch
Director: Sarah Meadows
Reviewer: John Roberts

Set amongst the backdrops of now and the Hacienda days of the late 80’s early 90’s Jason Crouch’s production ‘Remember Me’ explores the relationship between Darren (Ste Myott) Sophie (Jo Mousley) & Jessica (Lowri Evans) their daughter.

Crouch’s script uses a blend of naturalistic dialogue and stilted stylised phrases, it cross cuts from present, and past and for the most is engaging, heartfelt with a splattering of great one liners, but for all its ingenuity the use of cross cutting isn’t done to the best effect and as a result you don’t empathise with the character as much as one would hope.

Sarah Meadows direction is clean and crisp and she manages through the use of several theatrical conventions to tell the audience exactly where in the timeline we are, there are some truly touching scenes in the piece and the penultimate scene between Sophie & Jessica is one of the most gut wrenching emotional scenes in this years festival.

Ste Moyatt as Darren oozes charm, as the party hard playboy of the Hacienda, Jo Mousley produces a highly energetic and touching portrayal of Sophie, and boy does she know how to have a good time on the dance floor. Lowri Evans as Jessica gives a subtle performance as an emotional teen, almost reminiscent of Natalie Portman in Leon, but at times one felt she was a little too old to carry of the performance with maximum impact.

All in all ‘Remember Me’ is an enjoyable piece of theatre, that can do with a tighten up here and there in the writing, my biggest upset about seeing this show was the venue they had been placed in. Festival Organisers take note – seeing a show in a space where you can hardly hear anyone over noisy air conditioning does nobody any favours especially the actors who are working their socks of to entertain paying punters.
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