Tuesday, 14 July 2009

F**king Men - Arts Theatre, London

F**cking Men by By Joe DiPeitro
Directed by Phil Wilmott
Reviewer: Becky Middleton

F**king Men is not the dodgy peep show the name may suggest to unsuspecting audiences going to the theatre behind Leicester Square tube station on a weekday night.

The title is a bold introduction to the examination of a series of relationships detailed in the play. Split into a clever collection of ten scenes, and with an impressive and cleverly used stage space, the characters interlink in a variety of thought-provoking dialogues. They are strong, likeable and emotional where one may not expect.

A young pornstar with a conscience and attachment issues shares a stage with a masculine army private who is struggling with his sexuality. A scruffy journalist with verbal diorreah can’t believe his luck when a top movie star uses him as a dirty little secret to hide his sexuality from his wife.

Overall, F**king Men is entertaining but asks some serious questions about the treatment of gay men in society. Definitely worth a look

F**cking Men runs at the Arts Theatre at 7:30pm until Sat 30th August
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