Monday, 26 October 2009

One Little Word – M6 Theatre Company (Tour)

One Little Word
Devised by M6 Theatre Company
Director: Andy Manley
Composer: Tayo Akinbode
Reviwer: John Roberts

M6 Theatre Company have over the past 30 years gained a reputation of producing shows that are highly engaging and captivating for a younger generation of theatre goers, and One Little Word is no exception, proving that M6 are not only the best at their game but still highly original in their delivery of such plays.

One is always amazed at watching children play at how imaginative and resourceful they are in coming up with new ideas and using the simplest of things in many amazing ways, and one is also amazed at how quickly children who play together quite contently can so quickly become the worst of enemies.

In this production two children come together in a playroom, and share in ideas and objects in creating a captivating journey across the sea, but their friendship is really tested as jelousy and biterness come between these friends and disrupts their joyous play...until all there is left to do is say that ‘One Little Word.’

Eve Robertson and Luke Walker must be highly congratualted at their performance of the two children, without the use of any spoken language, they manage to hold the attention of all the children in the theatre in awestruck wonder, boucning around the stage with endless energy, their mannerisms were sharp and facial expressions bright and animated.

The simple playroom set, of pastel blue and white props, give the production a nursery/dreamlike feel, and through the sharp attention to detail by director Andy Manley the audience are always guessing and anticipating what item is going to be used next and how it is going to be brought to life/morph into new and exciting things.

The production is underscored by an original soundtrack by Tayo Akinbode which helps contain the emotional depth and playful nature of the production in an uplifting and charming composition.

One Little Word weaves the fragility of childhood playtime, friendship and jelously in a dreamlike 30 minutes, that gaurentees to touch the hearts, imaginations and fun adventures of many children and adults alike. The redeeming nature of One Little Word has never been so beautifully or creativly imagined before.

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