Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cabaret - Floral Pavillion, New Brighton

Cabaret by Kender & Ebb
Director: Rufus Norris
Choreographer: Javier De Frutos
Reviewer: Elthel Fenlon

Having never seen Cabaret on stage or film before, we had no idea what to expect from the evening, but we went with open minds and had a great time. Set in the Kit Kat club in Berlin during the 1930’s we enter the decadent world of Sally Bowles, Cabaret Singer as Berlin moves into a Nazi ran regime.

Opening the show with a fantastic flurrish was Wayne Sleep as the Emcee, portraying great charisma and charm throughout, and also being able to give his well danced feet the occasional outing too, much to the delight of all in attendance. Playing Sally Bowels is Siobhan Dillon who has recently taken over the role from Samantha Barks, a fellow contestant in BBC’s I’d Do Anything programme. Dillion oozes sexiness and has a very powerful voice, but sadly the sound mix meant throughout the show we heard more of the music than the cast singing on stage.

What makes this production stand out, is the choreography by Javier De Frutos, who manages to combine the eloquence of Fosse with his own original flair meaning the show sizzles and excites in all the right places and performed with panache and grandeur by the strong ensemble.

Director Rufus Norris has done well to keep the show pacy and electrifying , and along with sensational costumes and a stunningly minimalistic chrome set by Katrina Lyndsey and aided by fantastic lighting design by Jean Kalman all help to bring the hedonistic 1930’s to life on stage.

If there is one reason to see this production then it has to be for Siobhan Dillon who is sensational as she belts tunes with real feeling and emotion, a performance that is so mesmorising it draws you in. A great night at the theatre and a sure fire crowd pleaser for all who goes to see this cabaret!

Runs until Sat 10th October
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