Monday, 7 March 2011

Tom Stade - The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Poppy Helm

Tonight's stand-up at the Lowry is an international affair; with Candian born Tom Stade supported by Australian Ro Campbell (now living in Edinburgh and Glasgow, respectively). Having firmly established himself on the comedy circuit through performances ranging from Edinburgh festival to BBC2's Mock The Week, Stade's debut UK tour has been eagerly awaited by his fans.

Self styled 'North Sea Porn Star', Ro Compbell's, laid back warm up act takes us on a tour of the UK (including some valiant if experimental attempts at the Mancunian accent) and reaches a surprisingly graphic conclusion. His relaxed delivery seems to extend to an audience who don't offer much in the way of interaction, but definitely laugh in all the right places. Although the content of his material isn't earth-shatteringly original, it's entertaining enough to make you forget he's not actually the one you're here to see.

Stade launches into the second half with his trademark husky-voiced confidence ('it's what the doctor likes to call "damage"'). With beer in hand, he invites us to join his reminiscences of an imagined journey through the Middle-East and beyond in a satirical take on the Taliban, African poverty and Muslim radio. The story may be elaborate, but there is no lengthly anticipation of a punchline here; the laughs are constant and stike the right balance between observational comedy and the odd bit of random filth. Although not playing on his migrant status quite as strongly as his support act, Stade does provide an entertaining 'outsider's' view of the British, finding amusement amongst even the most mundane of experiences.

Runs at the Lowry until 8th March
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