Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lord of the Dance - Liverpool Empire

Lord of the Dance
Created/Choregraphed by Michael Flatley
Reviewer: Iris Beaumont

When I first saw this show way back in the late nineties I never dreamed I would be fortunate to see it again. Lord of the Dance is a theatrical master piece which had the whole auditorium clapping and tapping ones feet, Michael Flatley's dance troop is a spectacular show of energy and will power. The show is based on the old adage of good versus evil, jealousy and hate, affects people at some point in their life.

Looking at the show content you wonder how it has held a captive audience in fifty different countries worldwide but when you actually see the power of the stars your question has been answered. There were no programmes and no narration to the show so one had to put the story together oneself which soon unfolded with the lead dancer milking the audience with his smile and gesturing to the auditorium and they loved it causing vast lengths of applause

The back drop consisted of scaffolding and curtains which were painted with Celtic signs and many lights attached to the scaffold which flashed in a multi colours throughout the performance, which at times came and shone into the audience blinding us for several seconds missing what we were really there for...The dancing! There were one or two surprises of explosions and fireworks which made people jump but all adding to the overall ambiance. The costumes were minimalistic but very eye catching with a vast amount of glitter but the long blonde wigs were too over powering which distracted and took your eyes away from the actual dancing.

The solo artist had a good voice but unfortunately the actual words were hard to follow as they were never clear enough but she came over as a pretty Irish Callin and wearing the only long dress in the show. One noticed that all the women on the show could hold a smile and dance at the same time while the men found it difficult and would only smile when I think the prompter of stage said smile but it did not in any way spoil the show

The energy the power of the whole show had a enthusiastic captivating magnetic pull on all the auditorium to the extent that they were called back on stage to a standing ovation with the lead dancer still egging the audience on.

If you can visualise Irish folk lore with Irish dancing set to music in a variety show setting similar to the old Sunday night at the London Palladium then you will enjoy this production, I left the Empire having had a thoroughly good time!

Runs until Sat 3rd October
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