Saturday, 16 May 2009

La Clique - London Hippodrome

La Clique
Conceived by Brett Hayback & David Bates
Reviewer: Honour Bayes

Whipping cabaret into the 21st Century, La Clique is the most fabulous show in town. Filled with daring do and skill, all covered in a healthy dose of sexy charm and wit, this international band of performers has wowed audiences across the world in The Famous Speigeltent for years. They are now in their last month at London's Hippodrome before coming back to the Camden Roundhouse for a limited Christmas Season. Indeed London seems desperate not to let them go and it's easy to see why in a show which fills the drizzle of the current British climate with rose tinted, life affirming (oh and did I mention, incredibly skilled) fun and joyful possibility.

Circus is on the rise in England at the moment, with company's such as No Fit State and Ockham's Razor on cracking form with performances at the Roundhouse and the Lyric, and it is easy to see why. This magical blending of aerialism, acrobatics, juggling, thumping sexy music or just pure old fashioned magnetic showmanship is incredibly attractive. This is passionate, enthralling performance - prepare to be dazzled and you will not be disappointed.

Of them all La Clique are the queens of blending cabaret with burlesque with a show which will make you want to sleep with each and everyone of the performers on stage, from the breathtakingly sexy English Gents to the slight framed contortionist Captain Frodo (and yes he CAN do what you're thinking). The intoxicating Meow Meow will wind you around her vampiric and throaty performance, and Marawa's bootylicious hoopla act is fun and feisty. Bret Pfister's 1980's emo aerialist act is witty and impressive; marrying the swoopy feel of a flock of seagulls with the iron strength of a man who can hang from a hoop from just the bridge of his foot.

Of all these delightfully prancing peacocks, my personal favourite is the incomprehensibly charming Mario Queen of the Circus. Dressed like Freddie Mercury and performing a myriad of talents from crowd surfing to a wickedly funny juggling act to Another One Bites The Dust, Mario is a enchanting performer who could make Queen Victoria herself amused. But this is the point - my favourite may not be your favourite, but what I can guarantee is that when you leave this vibrant space you will not only have a firm favourite of your own but you will have taken every single one of these enthralling performers into your heart, making your journey home in the grey London night life just that little bit more sparkly.

A stunning escapade and an alcohol infused, popcorn/toffee apple spectacular to remember, La Clique is a show to take your friends and family to now before it closes. But make sure all are accounted for when you leave - you never know, one of your party may have submitted to the infinite temptation to run away with this circus, I know I nearly did.

Photos: Perou
La Clique is running at the Hippodrome until Saturday 27 June.
For Camden dates see their website
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