Thursday, 30 April 2009

ENIGMA - Lowry Theatre

ENIGMA by Derren Brown
Director: Andy Nyman
Reviewer: Helen Patrick

Being a complete Sceptic, I was dreading going to the Lowry Theatre with my husband to review Enigma, Derren Brown’s latest theatrical event. But I was soon put firmly in my place by a master of showmanship, one just couldn’t help but be swept along by the whole event and found myself laughing and clapping along and gasping with the audience in this sell out show.

Derren , throughout the show talks about randomness and how nothing in life is random even when you think you’re making a random choice. You make choices in life best on even the silliest of reasons whether it’s the colour of an item or the look of somebody, your mind really can’t do random things. Which is quite Ironic that he should chose a random way of selecting people to take part in his show by throwing a Frisbee into the audience or is it random? Well I can truthfully answer a resounding yes to this as my husband Steve caught the Frisbee and found himself and his thoughts at centre stage in front of 100’s of people and by the smile on his face he was loving every minute of his five minutes of fame, which horrified me as 3 years ago you couldn’t even get him inside a theatre.

I quote now from my husband Steve: “I am so pleased my wife and i had the opportunity to go to the show I had been looking forward to it for ages and always watch his TV programmes. When Derren threw the Frisbee and I caught it ,it made my night. The illusion he performed with me and another two audience members was phenomenal, so much so that me and my wife were still talking about it on the way home. Derren Brown I applaud you, you are talented and definitely worthy of the standing ovation you received last night. You made even the most cynical of people (my wife) believe anything is possible.”

Derren is a fantastic story teller being able to bring tears to your eyes, especially during one intimate and heartfelt story about his grandfather with whom it was obvious he was close to and held very dear to his heart, and again he magnificently weaves you on a journey that leaves you awed in silence and amazement.

I would like to go into more detail on the reason this show is called ENIGMA but this would only give far to much information away. If you want a night that you will never forget, that will leave you puzzled for days afterwards then make sure you book tickets for this show...believe me if you only experience this show by word of mouth alone then you have missed out on the theatrical event of the year!

Photo: Mark Berry
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