Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Sandman - Liverpool Everyman

The Sandman By Flilippo Fiori
Director: Glen Noble
Reviewer: Steph Rowe

When you think of the sandman do you relive part of your childhood when your parents used to tell you to go to sleep quickly so the Sandman could bring you a dream, then when you wake in the morning with gritty eyes your told its the sand that he left with your dream in or maybe you think of the song “Mr Sandman bring me a dream, make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen” by the Andrews Sisters, well I say think again this is one play that will lay to rest all your thoughts and feelings relating to the Sandman.

Greta was told the story of the Sandman when she was tucked up in bed, as a little girl happy in the family she knew and loved her darling mum., who could make a purse out of a sow’s ear and a father who was so good at his clock and watch making he was renowned for it. Little did she know that as she grew older and her father continued to tell it to her would she become entangled in the web that was ‘THE SANDMAN’.

The scenery was very cleverly thought out to incorporate the various rooms in the house that were to be used throughout the play, from the cellar, to Greta’s bedroom right up to the rooftop. The stairs being transformed by a quick turn around and the window in Greta’s room allowing the use of silhouette puppets. Constructed by Lobster productions it was a well thought out use of the stage.

Lighting design by Justin M. Breman along with the music composed by Matthew Wood took you through the various scenes allowing you to feel a part of the story and carrying you through it with an eerie wonder. Costumes by Kevin Pollard were very Victorian in design and added to the beliefs that were carried by many Victorians of Ghostly goings on and many unexplained myths.

The acting abilities of Kate Crossley (Greta), Anthony Cairns (Cornelius) and Steve Wallis (Edgar) were tested in this play and I feel they managed to carry it off magnificently given the script they had to work with, Kate had you believing in the little girls dilemma and Anthony and Steve gave brilliant performances in their roles even the working of the puppets. These three worked well as a team and kept you intrigued right up to the end of the show.

Overall the play was very cleverly written and did give a lot for you to think about and ponder, and from the audiences reaction many seemed to enjoyed it unfortunately I prefer to remember the Sandman as someone who bought lovely dreams to children as they slept.

The Sandman runs at The Everyman until Sat 21st Feb 09
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