Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Buddy - Lowry Theatre, Salford

Buddy by Alan Janes & Rob Bettinson
Director: Rob Bettinson

Reviewer: Stephanie Rowe

Setting the scene on stage Adrian Rees's set design had images painted on the backdrop of various food products and ladies in 1950’s co
stumes in the centre screen, where a silhouette appears its then you hear a DJ on the radio.

It’s Sunday night and Buddy and all the boys have a half hour slot slot called
Sunday party on the local radio station KDAV, where they get to sing and play country songs, this does not suit Buddy and he embarks on making his dreams of Rock and Rolll stardom come true.

It is at KDAV the show starts and takes you through the highs and lows that was Buddy’s life. Buddy played by Oliver Seymour Marsh gave an outstanding performance, anyone who has seen Buddy Holly on TV or in a film could not fault this 21 year old’s tribute to Buddy. His mannerisms, his dance moves even the shaking leg had you believing this was the late man himself.

By the second act the audience are singing along, clapping their hands and some even dancing in the aisles.

Outstanding performances were by Alex Parry as the MC at Clearlake, Steve Simmonds and Catherine Henderson as Norman and Vi Petty, Carla Freeman as Maria Elena, Colin McGregor as the big bopper and lastly but not least the hip singing latino performance of Ritchie Valens by Pedro Reichert. The cast of this show work together so well you would think they had always worked together.

Considering it’s 50 years since the untimely death of Buddy Holly this show takes you on a magical journey that was and only ever could be ‘Buddy Holly’.

Writers Alan Jones and Rob Bettinson have created a show which in the words of Buddy will “not fade away” and will have people talking about it for weeks to come! Get along for a fun filled night of entertainment & “Rave on” You will not be sorry.

Buddy runs at the Lowry until Saturday 31st Jan 09
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