Monday, 24 November 2008

Aladdin - Coliseum Theatre, Oldham

Aladdin by Eric Potts
Director: Kevin Shaw
Choreographer: Beverley Edmunds
Reviewer: The Patrick Family

Helen Patrick
This has to be one of the best traditional pantomimes I have taken my family to see, with no 'Star' names to carry the production, credit must be given to the production team in creating a show that is slick, pacey and full of the laughs and the boos that you want with a festive offering.

With bright and cheerful sets and costumes by Celia Perkins you are sure that this is one of the best looking shows in the north west. Special mention must be given to the detail of Widow Twanky's costumes including the High School Musical Cheerleaders kit and the Christmas Tree Wedding dress being particular favourites. and its not just the costumes that have had a high level of detail. The sets were simple and effective and we were never in any doubt about where we were meant to be.

Kevin Shaw has directed himself a winner, and his cast are simply superb making sure that they work as a true ensemble and not one person stealing the limelight for themselves or from the show itself. Saying that this reviewer most definitely had a few favourites but special mention must be given to the outstanding Barrie Ryan English who playing both PC Pong and the Genie was extremely versatile from being stupendously silly as the PC and having the audience including myself in tears of laughter, to the stern and very powerful Genie of the Lamp.

As you would expect from any Pantomime the big props were excellent from the scooter to the carriage pulling trike, and even when things did go wrong this first rate cast were on hand with fast and quick witted ad-libs that always kept a smile on your face.
I would highly recommend this production to all my friends and family, even with having to do a 100 mile round trip, this production has kept this family entertained for days.

Phoebe - age 7
I enjoyed all the singing and dancing, and loved Jasmines costume. I liked the part where Jasmine had to wear a paper bag on her head because nobody was allowed to see how pretty she was. Widow Twanky made me laugh loads in her Cheerleaders costume. My favourite scene was the Laundry with PC Pong, Wishee Washee, and Widow Twanky because they put PC Pong through the Mangle and into the Washing Machine.
Lauren - age 15
As a dancer I loved the song and dance routines, rocking the audience to songs from Mama Mia, Camp Rock and High School the Musical, The dancers were definitely giving 110% I loved the laundry scene and had me laughing for ages, and really liked the extra touches and special effects used in the scene. This was one great show.
Photos: Ian Tilton
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