Thursday, 31 January 2008

Stomp - Lowry Theatre & Tour

Lowry Theatre & Tour
Directed by Steve McNicolas

Reviewed by Liz Waters

STOMP!, it has to be said, was one of the best shows I have seen to date, although as an avid percussionist myself, some may say that I am slightly biased. The performers exuded nothing but enthusiasm – so much enthusiasm in fact, that three of the broomsticks which they were using to create their remarkable beats had to be replaced within the first five minutes of the opening set.

Whether suspended from the ceiling or sat nonchalantly around a rubbish bag, these talented artists created explosive rhythms with anything that they could get their hands (or indeed, any other body part) on. Each routine had been so vibrantly yet precisely crafted, and the director’s attention to detail was truly remarkable, allowing for smooth and exciting continuity between sets.

Using everything from matchboxes and newspapers to buckets and water filled sinks, the group created rhythmic brilliance without the use of one word. For the more melodic amongst you, they even employed the use of plastic tubing to generate a rather tuneful set.

The stage set-up made full use of every inch, and by the end of the evening not one area had been left untouched, whether that be by finger, foot, sand or kitchen utensil! Far from just performing, the group kept the audience engaged by encouraging participation once or twice – my clapping abilities have been somewhat perfected, it must be said. Combined with an incredible use of unspoken humour, the performance is most definitely one for all ages.

Perhaps not for those with the sensitive hearing, but if you are looking for a funky, dynamic and exceptionally impressive show, STOMP! comes most definitely and highly recommended. It has left me looking at every house-hold object with new ‘rhythm-making’ potential!

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